Kent SEO


Index Juice is a local search engine optimization company servicing businesses in Kent, south east of England.

Kent SEO

Chances are you’ve landed here because your website is not showing up on the first page of Google, and of course this means that your business is suffering!


You’re just not getting the traffic!

Would you like 1000s more visitors to your business?

The good thing is that you realise that you have a problem and you now want to get your site optimized and take first page in the search engines. Thus growing your company exponentially.

With this growth in business and searches on the internet your company gets recognised and you start branding  company from this online presence which will lead to conversions.  Index Juice gives you this solution.

We clearly define what problems you have and solve them.

It’s not hard to get your business to rank on the first page but it is when you don’t know how to do it!

We work with you and take you through the different stages that you will need to add or change the content on your website.

Digital Marketing is your online marketing strategy and should not be any different to the existing marketing plans within your company. The only difference being would be the way that you collate the information.

This is simply the best way to market your business. Everyone goes to the search engines now like Google.

Index Juice likes to keep this structured plan:

We get to know you and your business/products to get a good concept of what is it that you want to achieve (apart from first page ranking).

If your business changes frequently we keep this in mind. We execute a plan that is useable.

Listening to your specific key objectives we will execute a plan that is fact based and you will be very clear what we are helping your company achieve its goals.

We work with you monthly and are paid monthly. There are no contracts so you are not tied to us and can leave. It’s your decision.

Your site is reviewed monthly.

Our SEO is bespoke to your business.

Before any digital marketing plan is implemented we will work with you to ensure that you are clear on the structure and framework that we are going to implement.

The good thing is with SEO is that we can make your company visible. This in turn creates more visitors to your website and potentially more business, via online or calling your company.

It is also a significantly cheaper option to marketing. This can work two fold.  As we said you become more visible but as you become more visible for your product your brand also starts to become recognized.

With more traffic being driven to your website for FREE, your branding is significantly increased for FREE also!

We do not outsource our work. It is all done here, on-site at Index Juice. We work one to one. Remember that the search engine optimization that we have done will work for a long time after you have stopped paying. Unless of course the Google algorithm changes significantly, this could affect your site but this is probably not going to happen.

We do have a certain criteria that need to be met before we can decide if we will work with you and this is why we request the completion of our Discovery Form.

Once this is duly completed we will contact you to set up a meeting.